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Cryptocurrency in 2020
Cryptocurrency in 2020
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We will have a small briefing with Vlad while more people are coming. Regarding the tokens. Comments about cryptocurrency, you need to get into your personal account. We are waiting for Vlad to join. So, the task is to have a small meeting concerning what is generally going on. We haven’t been here for a long time. Hello, hello. The topic is probably not as popular as a giveaway. Everyone else will watch the broadcast.

-Kirill, hello.

-Hello. Let’s go! I have been thinking about what content to post. Maybe, from the Telegram channel.

-I’ve seen, yes.
-We need to do popularization. Where are we going, how are we doing, what are we doing. -Great. What will we begin with? Let me tell them about the tokens and why they usually fail.

-Firstly, I want to tell you about why we are talking, and then we will continue with tokens. Vlad has an idea related to cards, and I have a vision of how to use and monetize them. As a case study, if you do business with people you duplicate, your business will collapse, you will quarrel.

-The most valuable thing in a partnership is that you don’t have to tell each other what to do. I had a problem, I wanted to be involved in everything. In the end, everything inside the company revolved around me. Thus, I could neither order business cards nor do some big things. This led to a huge load, there would be no movement at all. Why do we hire people to join the team if we don’t trust them? That leads to abnormal partnerships. What we have with you is that we have started with the card business, and we have succeeded there. We go much faster, we go through this because everyone does their own thing.

-You are talking about delegation. That is a different story. When you do only that, all the tasks are staged. And partnership is about going together. As a result, you have at least 48 hours a day, instead of 24.

-Everyone has his own task he is working on.

-There are already enough people here, let’s talk. I would like to involve you, we have selected 40 world-class speakers. You must participate. Everything will be back as soon as I am back on track. I have undertaken the project with tokens. I am in the process of learning. Live broadcasting will begin next week. The question that you have in mind: what is the crypto market? Why is it falling or rising? What’s going on in general?

-I believe that there is no need for blockchains, as there are a lot of them now. In 2016-2017, a lot of them appeared. Then, people have created a lot of them, they wanted to change something. And in the end, they have changed the pocket of other people. The business did not fully accept that. Therefore, a lot of coins appeared, after 2017 they went to the bottom.

New coins are still being created. There are a rise and a sharp fall. If you create something, there must be demand. They sell demand with the hope that something will grow. Demand generates supply. When people play around with this, if the coin has no demand and is not embedded in the products, its death is inevitable. We can see it now. When you give a printing machine to people, a lot of coins appear, they create it themselves. And it’s not clear where the money is.

-In fact, it depreciates. When demand is easily met, it falls. -Now, we see that the rate is falling. There is no supply. -How to fix this?

-People forget where supply is created. For example, if we look at TRON, a lot has been built on it lately. Everything entails the use of this coin. You have a machine, and you are printing this coin for yourself. You have the money, but the creator is not funded. We have issued the token and released it to the market. And it costs something. When it enters your system, it generates additional profit. The platform receives money for the token. It does something with the token and can share part of the profit. And, if suddenly it goes to exchange and we see a fall. If there is a point and there is no other, it goes down. When people transfer it to the stake, a shortage of this resource is created, and people want to fill it.

-We issue a token and give people dividends on what we have earned.
-You don’t just play and develop yourself. You have the opportunity to earn passive income.

-What Vlad is talking about is learning through the gameplay. It is like a space flight. You can check the boxes according to what you think will be the best fuel. This game launches the brain process. You start thinking. Too much bitcoins is also bad. The hardest part is getting a person to think. I was thinking about how I could involve partners. We have just tried it, and the person gets involved. He has the opportunity to invest not his own funds, but the earned money. It’s not that difficult psychologically. We have the school of trading strategies, and the game is not that difficult. There is also a live neural network. What is the data that has passed? How does it define today or tomorrow? That is super knowledge for you. We will have it in a game form, but in fact, it will be their real decisions. It is very important to me. The more of us, the better the knowledge. Continuous development.

-Yes, it’s great to look at people. They come, I even told someone what bitcoin is. A person’s head begins to form. I can build on this data, and that is an absolute profit.

-Good for you. So that we don’t screw up after the coin is released, we need to demonstrate liquidity. That is the trading of our services. I wanted to ask. Do you have anything to add?

-No. Everything is fine, just a little chaotic.

-I have an idea that has been haunting me for 3 days. Do you remember there was a boom in lending platforms? I want to link it to your thoughts. What if several people could lend

money. Thus, if you give a loan, we guarantee that this loan will be returned to you. We have a model of replenishment, through the platform. Here is the question – do you have any unfinished platforms?

-Cool. We have already done so many things.

-Viewers, what do you think, lending to partners who have no money or have a bad credit history is a worthy idea or not?

-Where to will the loan be withdrawn?

-We are doing it now. I’ll tell you in a nutshell. Issuance of a loan is secured by crypto. You need money, you have sold the bitcoin. It started to grow. You are very upset. You take bitcoin, give it to the company, and it gives you money. If it starts to grow, then it will cover your loan. That is literally a banger. Who needs it, plus in the comments. You sold yesterday, and then you regret it. And here, everyone is insured. If the bitcoin falls, then we sell it just to cover your debt. And there are a lot of such ideas.

-I’m still waiting for your data. And we are preparing why the token is needed. We form the structure ourselves. If it has only speculative abilities, then you will not go far. Bitcoin itself is a huge market.

-We have people who can arrange the demand. -So, good luck, everyone.
-Thank you for inviting me. See you on Friday then. -Okay, bye.

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