18 June 2021
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Club 20 in Sochi. How was Club 20 on April 17
Club 20 in Sochi. How was Club 20 on April 17
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Man1: Hello, everyone. The third day of Club 20 is going to start very soon. Participants are traditionally gathering, communicating, and getting to know each other.
The case is that some participants generally try not to miss a single event or meeting. But some are at Club 20 for the first time today. However, all participants have one thing in common – the desire to grow and develop, which is why they are here today.

Man2: Kirill provides tools that can be used not only in relationships with Finiko partners but also in daily life.

Man3: Information presentation, information delivery, and most importantly, getting a result changes the brain and worldview a lot.

Man4: The event is a part of me. This is where I gain knowledge and immediately start applying it and move on to the next level of checks, income, and development.

Man5: Who is the best to learn from? It is better to learn from someone who has already achieved something, as it will give a better quality tool to help others.

Woman 1: We all achieve a certain level at some point and pass our experience on to the people who follow us.

Man6: My life has changed dramatically. The lives of my partners have also changed dramatically. And those results are always pleasing and motivating.

Man5: After I got to Club 20 for the first time, I realized that no Club should be ever missed haha.

Man6: This is not my first time at Club 20. I really enjoyed it. The topic of mentoring is close to me. It is a pleasure to learn from Kirill.

Woman2: Kirill has spoken about how necessary it is to be in the reality of the person whom we are helping. Such deep things that will help the person I will be a mentor of will help to achieve their personal goals.

Woman3: It was my first Club 20. Well, I’m impressed. I think that every person who is involved in Finiko needs it.

Woman4: My knowledge and feelings about the topic of mentoring have become more structured today. Now they have a larger scale.

Woman5: I have realized that it is necessary to learn to scale infinitely.

Man7: It’s amazing. Any meeting with Kirill always means insights no matter it’s Club 20, Club 10, or Club 400

Man1: This was the third day of Club 20. Its participants were working personally with Kirill throughout the day, as well as with each other, in groups, and with themselves. And the most interesting part will begin now because all the obtained knowledge will be put into practice in their work, in communicating with partners and just in life. And we just have to tell you about what the fourth day of Club 20 will be like, and we will definitely do it on our YouTube channel. Subscribe to our channel not to forget to watch that video. See you soon!

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