8 May 2021
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Club 10 meeting. Day 3
Club 10 meeting. Day 3
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Askar: Today, I came to Club 10 by Kirill Doronin. I will be working with him in a group personally.

Evgeny: I am looking forward to valuable ideas. Great insights.

Ruslan: I want to get information and a plan to pass it on to my team afterward.

Lola: This is my first time at Club 10, and I want not only to grow myself, but I also want my team to grow.

Ekaterina: I remember that in December 2019, when I first got to Club 100, there was only one partner in my structure – me. To date, I have already attended several such clubs, and there are over 6,000 people in my structure.

Vera: I really wanted to get here. So many expectations, like I’m in first grade.

Alexander: The main thing is to take steps, to move further. There should not be such a state when you stay still. You are either degrading or developing. You will get goosebumps when you realize it.

Lola: I already have one 10th star in the structure, and I want to have 5 such people, and then go further.

Evgeny: Well, Club 10 is over. As I had expected, there were a lot of insights.

Bair: I didn’t know what to ask Kirill. But in the process, I came up with a question and asked. There is something to think about.

Evgeny: Some things you had been thinking about earlier but could not find a solution to, began to appear in your head.

Yulia: I want to express my deep gratitude to Kirill for organizing this event. For being at this gorgeous event, which has broadened my horizons, scaled everything inside. Now I clearly know and understand where I am going, whom to follow, and what steps to take.

Vera: Now, I’m looking forward to conducting live broadcasts without fear. Evgeny: I am very happy with what I have received.

Lola: That is fire. If a person is just thinking about whether to do it or not, then now, everything is just beginning.

Askar: As for me, my level of trust in the company has increased. Alexander: Some kind of fire has appeared inside me.
Vera: I wish everyone to attend this conference.

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