8 May 2021
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Club 10 meeting. Day 2
Club 10 meeting. Day 2
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Vladislav: Nobody knows what they are capable of, even myself. So, I want to look into the unknown. Sergey: Transition to another reality, yes.
Ramis: Today, I want to get some insights, new knowledge in order to grow personally here and now. Yulia: I know it will be cool. I’m a little worried because very cool leaders have gathered here with me. I expect to have my mind blown.

Sergey: Today, we will have phenomenal team growth. Ramis: To grow, to look at the world and business globally.

Vladislav: What was above the ceiling yesterday, will be under the floor today. And these are not just words. This is a guide to action for us.

Ramis: It feels like the seeds that I sowed before have just sprouted today. I will visit at least five countries this year.

In general, I recommend everyone to visit this event. I have no words. Cool.

Sergey: When we went out of this hall, we realized that we were sitting in a sandbox. And now, we want this day to be over as soon as possible and a new day to begin. There will be new plans and new results.

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