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Cheap mortgage in 2020
Cheap mortgage in 2020
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D: Hi, everyone! We are literally 20 minutes away from Krasnoyarsk. We are here to show you the house, which our client has bought for 35% of the cost. Finally, it is real property. We have been missing it.
Guys, we came to film Olga’s house, and it turned out that she had bought the car as well.

O: Yes, it all started with the car.
D: Let’s discuss the costs. We have talked it over before.
O: We bought the car for 􏰀900,000, but in fact, we had paid only 315,000. It’s brand new. Here, Subaru Forester. As my little son says: “Subarie, mommy, Subarie”.
We always used to live in apartments. And when we decided to buy a house, we had been living in a rental flat. When we got such an opportunity, our friends said: “Guys, you should buy our cottage. It is very nice. We want this house and its energy to be in good hands”. We laughed. It turned out that they were preparing to move abroad permanently. And I said: “It will be fun if we purchase this house though”. This is how it was. It was in February.
D: Were you just kidding about this?
O: Yes, because we didn’t have such an opportunity back then. This could be possible only in our dreams. That’s why I had said it would be fun if we bought the house. And finally, on the 29th of this month, we received the payment from Finiko. To be honest, I still don’t believe it happened.
D: Speaking about the payment, how much is the house?
O: The whole sum was 􏰀7,200,000. I had invested 35% of it, i.e. 2,600,000. It was on the 24th of March.
D: So, you had invested 2,600,000 on the 24th of March and bought such a house?
O: Yes. Do you know why this is amazing? My husband and I have five children: two adult boys, two younger boys, and a daughter. We also have a dog and a cat. We really needed a big house. All our boys are playing football. I know that the living room will always be filled with children’s laughter. And we will be able to have many guests.
D: So tell us more about the house. I see that the living room here is quite large.
O: Yes, we have a giant living room. Of course, later we will redesign everything as we wish. Here we have a huge kitchen, as you can see. Finally, we will be able to sit around a big table altogether. This could have never been possible before. We have always eaten separately, and from now on we will have all meals with the whole family. This brings people closer.
The second floor. We have always been dreaming of having four rooms because everyone needs personal space. Here will be a boys’ room. Grandmother will live in another room. This is the second children’s room. And the last one will be our bedroom. So, we have four rooms in total. This room is for the twins, as it is large enough. We want to divide it into zones: for the girl, for the boy, and etc. We also have a huge garage, but it is not necessary to show as there we have people’s moving stuff. Later we will have a gym there. There is also a sauna outside. And, honestly, we are thinking about purchasing a neighboring land. We will most likely buy it for 35% of the cost as well. Then we will have a huge football field for our boys. And their dad is also very active.
D: Could you please tell us about how you decided to invest?

O: For us, it wasn’t for the first time. We have already bought the car. Moreover, we purchased one Index on the 9th of November and started to dive into the topic. On the 16th we attended a conference. We went there by plane to figure everything out. Whether the company suits us or not. When we had seen Kirill, the team, and the conference with Q&A, we made the decision instantly. As a result, we have bought a car, a house, and we already have a team of almost 280 people in our structure. Moreover, we have opened our own office in Krasnoyarsk. 9th of May street, office 4-6. Our case shows how this is possible to change the quality of life. We have never had an opportunity to buy such a house before.
D: This house is literally cool! What was the reaction of your friends?
O: Almost all of them are from Finiko. But, of course, some skeptics said “Well, you’ve just got lucky”. I replied: “Fine, let it be, we are lucky”. We want our dreams to come true.
D: Five children, a large family – they have managed to do this. I am really happy for you. And I think when people see this video they realize that it is real. Do you have anything to add? What do you want to say?
O: I want to wish the subscribers, the people who are doubting whether to enter the company or not: please, take time and investigate everything. And allow your dreams to come true. It is a fact: this company provides endless opportunities. That said, welcome to Finiko!
D: Thank you very much! Bye-bye!


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