18 June 2021
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Cashback service webinars
Cashback service webinars
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Anton: Good afternoon. I want to greet everyone and say thank you for joining us for the webinar on the CBS ONE Cashback service. Today, we will talk about how it works, what it consists of, and we will also show a screen demonstration. I will try to explain how everything works clearly. Plus, in the end, I will answer your questions. But now, I would like to know whether you can hear and see me well, because, at the last webinar, there were problems with sound. We will wait for your feedback. Fine. So, the CBS ONE cashback service – cashback from 15% to 25% with daily accruals. What does it mean? You get a cashback of 15% from any purchase, you also receive 6% per month on a deposit. This service works all over the world, it has an affiliate program, and the return is paid in CFR. Let’s imagine that you have refueled your car for a certain amount of money. Hence, you can get cashback from this purchase, like in our example. We can see that the user has spent $65, and his cashback rate is 20%. Therefore, he will receive $13 for this purchase within 150 days. How does it work in general? You replenish your deposit, make purchases, download receipts, and get cash back. Let’s experiment a little here. We have a deposit. How can you determine it for yourself? Probably, you can assume how much you will spend on a monthly basis, for example, $400. And you understand that it would be great to receive 15% of this amount. 15% of $400 is $60. Accordingly, you have to deposit an amount equivalent to $400 in CFR just once, and then, you will be able to return cashback on that amount. We have the first month, let it be January, etc. Let’s assume, you replenished your account in January. You can attach receipts for the total amount of $400. For instance, you went to a restaurant with your family, you have a deposit – those are your receipts. From the next day, within 150 days, you will receive payments on those receipts, which you made on January 1. To make it easier to calculate, let us assume that 150 days is 5 months. Therefore, the total return on that purchase will be $60 and starting from the second day, you will get 30 payments in the total amount of $60. If you divide $60 by 150, you will get $0,4 per day. It turns out that in each month, we will earn $12. In addition, we still have a deposit of $400. For example, on February 1, your check counter will reset to zero, and you will be able to upload receipts for $400 again. The algorithm with other days and checks is the same. You also have a deposit interest, therefore, even if you do not upload checks, you still receive a 6% interest on the deposit. It will be 24$ if your deposit is $400. 24$ every month. Summing up, it turns out that there are $24 on the deposit and $60 on receipts. Let’s say you had a $400 deposit, and in March, you increased it to $600. Then, there will already be monthly payments of $18. You will always receive 15%, depending on the amount you have on your deposit. I think everything is clear here. You will get cashback on each purchase within 5 months. The limit is monthly. If you have a deposit of $1,000, then you can download receipts only for that amount per month in total. If you increase it, the payment amount will change.

6% on the deposit every month. We calculated approximately that there are 30 days in each month, i.e. something about 72% per annum. But, you understand that there are 28-29 days in February, so it’s better to calculate it yourself so that you know the exact numbers.

Our base interest rate is 15%. There is a way to increase it to 25% by promoting the company’s products and increasing your level. To calculate what your interest rate is, you can add your level to the base rate. For example, level 6 plus 15% is 21. In this slide, you can see the criteria for obtaining a level. So, for the 6th level, you need to have a deposit of 7.000 CFR in your personal account, a person who has reached the 2nd level in the first line, and the total structure turnover for two Index CTI products and Cashback service must be 200,000. It takes into account the turnover of the two programs. Turnover means the number of deposits and Indexes of your partners, excluding yourself. If you maintain your level, the cashback rate remains constant. If your level decreases or increases, then, accordingly, your interest rate also changes. There is an independent wallet in the cashback service. A little later, we will switch to the account, and I will show you how you can view it. All income from the deposit, rewards, and cashback will be credited there. Let’s not go far from this topic, let’s move directly to the presentation. We have a regular personal account. We go to the Medium risk-model tab, and then to CBS ONE. Here we have a separate wallet. I have highlighted the deposit in red here. If you click on the “Withdraw deposit” button, you will withdraw not the amount to the wallet, but the body of your deposit, and it will take 20 working days. Respectively, your deposit will not work. In order to withdraw funds from the cashback, you need to click on this button. We will do it a little later. So, here we have the number of receipts uploaded for November. We can add. Now, I’ll show you how. On the right, we have statistics. How much and what: cashback, deposit interest, and referral payments. In order to add a check, you need to click on the corresponding button and click to attach a photo. Here we have November 25, and the amount is $28. Here we enter the amount and date, click add, but for some reason, it does not work. You can immediately write to the support service if it displays this way for you, but I am currently conducting a webinar, so I cannot do that. As soon as we upload them, they are shown here. Here you can see the amount of the receipt, date of upload, and the rate. You can delete a receipt if the program thinks it is incorrect or if you accidentally attached the wrong photo. We also have an account here on the CBS ONE tab. All operations are visible here. Three operations are visible every day. Here will be the total amount of checks that were uploaded in the previous 150 days. You will also receive a referral deposit bonus. I’ll tell you a little later what it is. Regarding withdrawing from the wallet. You can withdraw an amount starting from 10 CFR. Withdrawal can be done to the main wallet and the bitcoin wallet. Top-ups can be done only from 100 CFR – if you try to deposit less it won’t work. We have sorted out the statistics, now let’s get back to referral bonuses. It relates to the affiliate program. So, when your partner in the first line replenishes the deposit, you get 5% for the purchase instantly. For example, if he makes a deposit of 1,000 CFR – as soon as he clicks the deposit button, you receive 50 CFR. 3% from the income of deposits of the structure from 10 levels is exactly the same referral bonus on deposits that I have been talking about before. It means that your network up to level 10 gets up to 6% on a deposit every month, and you get 3% of that 6%. Accordingly, if you withdraw a deposit, you will not have any cashback or deposit interest. Regarding the deposit, the maximum limit is 1,000,000 CFR, which is very good, because the previous limit was 20,000. We discussed it, and there was a suggestion from one of the leaders that the cashback service is a kind of indicator of that love for yourself, of how you perceive yourself. We heard that request and increased the deposit.

Now, regarding the mechanics of work. As soon as you replenish the deposit, you will obtain the accrual right in 72 working hours. What does it mean? Let’s imagine, you made a deposit on Tuesday at 11:43, so it will start working in 72 hours. Let’s look at another situation. If you top up on Friday at 12:00, then the countdown will start from Monday because Saturday and Sunday are days off. In fact, if you replenish on Friday, then only on Wednesday you will have the right to upload receipts for this deposit. I have explained everything regarding this. The amount in the uploaded checks cannot exceed the deposit amount. I have already shown it in the diagram above. The limit is updated on the first day. Regarding the uploading, look, we have a deposit of 1,000 CFR. The rate is 20 percent. We have uploaded receipts for 1,500 CFR, 750 CFR, and 1,000 CFR. If you upload for 1,500, cashback will be calculated on 1,000, because the amount in the receipt exceeds the deposit.

Deposit accruals. Interest is paid the next day at 23:59. Hence, if you received the accrual right on Wednesday at 12:00, then on Thursday at 23:59, you will get interest. Cashback is also credited within 150 calendar days. I have already told you how to calculate the daily amount. For simplicity, let’s take a deposit of 100,000. You multiply your rate by the amount per day

relative to the cashback. You have a deposit, your purchase amount does not exceed the deposit, you multiply it by your cashback rate, divide by 150 days, and get the amount that will be paid to you daily.

Let’s go through the frequently asked questions. What kind of receipts can be uploaded? Fiscal, bank statements, and screenshots from online banking. What can’t be uploaded? We cannot accept anything written by hand and transfers, because they are difficult to verify. Let’s assume you rent an apartment and transfer money for rent to some person. In fact, you kind of pay rent, but you can make such transactions every day with your girlfriend or boyfriend, so such transfers are not accepted. Sales receipts are not counted due to the fact that they can be filled in by hand, and the system cannot process a manuscript. Moreover, sales receipts can be bought at any store and you can fill in whatever you want. This position is slightly different from the one that we wanted to stick to. Cashback service is more about self-respect rather than an attempt to deceive someone. Cash receipts are also not accepted. Can I get cashback on a mortgage payment? Yes, you can, if it goes like a purchase. Do I get cashback if I pay in cash? Yes, you will get it if you have some kind of check. Concerning currencies. Let me show you right in the personal account. We have a lot of currencies and add new ones every time. You can also add your own. For example, we want something in yen, so we enter it in yen. If we change the currency, there will already be a different amount. Can you get 5% if you don’t have your own deposit? Yes, you need to have a level to receive deposit interest. I have already talked about that before. So, that’s all regarding this. Let me return to the previous slides. In order to earn from 4 levels, you need to have a personal deposit of 3,000 CFR and a total turnover of 70,000.

I think we can move on to questions. Now I’ll check what you have sent us. I would also like to hear how you think about such a presentation format, because last time, we tried to work with a flip chart, but it was not very convenient to draw. It would be great if you could write how you like this format. So, the question. I have been using the cashback service for 2.5 months, and I have never seen that I got 6% on my deposit. The main wallet won’t see anything because it will be displayed in a separate cashback wallet.

Question: If the deposit is 1,000 CFR, and the receipt is for 1,500, then the check counts for 1,000, or is it not accepted at all?

Anton: I have already explained. Perhaps, this question has been asked earlier. Only the amount that does not exceed the amount of the deposit for the rest of the month will be credited. For example, if you have a deposit of 1,000 and upload for 150 and then for 1500, but in the current situation it turns out that only 850 will be used from it. If you later top it up to 2,000, then that 650 difference will not be taken into account… You will need to upload a new receipt. I hope it is clear.

Question: I currently have one CTI and a 2-star status – a total of 50,000. If I deposit 1,000 CFR in the cashback service, will I get a 3-star status?

Anton: Let’s see. Yes, you will meet the requirements.
Question: Tell me, does the income on deposit also comes every day?

Anton: We receive rewards for the cashback service 365 days a year because that’s how it works.

Question: Will cashback work every day after 150 days?

Anton: That’s exactly the question I have explained above. Let me try to explain it again. Here are the months from January. It is a common question. Let’s do it straight in CFR. We have a deposit of 1,000 CFR, the cashback rate is 15% – that is for 150 days. You uploaded receipts in January and the next day, you will receive interest. Therefore, there will be 3% monthly for 5 months. In February, when you upload checks, you will also receive interest. So, plus you also have 6% monthly. There is a kind of a mistake in understanding the percentages in my head. Look, if you have 6% of the deposit, then it is 60 CFR. 3% of what? If of 1,000 CFR, then it is 30. If, for example, we say that you increased it to 2,000 in April, then all purchases of that month are 3% of 2,000, then it will be 60. Therefore, you will always have 15% spread over 5 months if you don’t level up. Only payments will change with a deposit increase. Hope it’s clear now. So, back to the questions.

Question: I made a deposit of 1,000 CFR on October 30. I have been using the service since November 2, my rate is 21%. I uploaded receipts for 1,000 CFR 5 days ago. Taking into account my cashback, it should turn out to be 42 CFR + interest on a deposit for 22 days should be more than 20 CFR. As a result, there should be more than 80 CFR on my wallet, but I have only 59. Why is it so?

Anton: So, since November 2. Let’s figure it out. Today is the 25th. You have 6%. 21 divided by five months is 4.02. Interest on purchases. 72% / 365 * 23. You will be getting 45. The question is when you uploaded your receipts. 5 days ago. 0.14%. Divide by 100. If you claim to have downloaded for a total of 1,000, then it will be 1.4. Multiply by 5. You should have 45 + 7. It is necessary to look more closely when you uploaded the check, in parts or not. It is important. It is not clear to me how you have calculated 80.

Question: I have a deposit of 100 CFR. I have uploaded a receipt. Why do I receive the accrual of 0.29 and not 0.30?

Anton: A 100 CFR deposit. The rate is probably 15%. You have not indicated it. Let’s divide 15% by 150. We get 0.1% and multiply it by 100. You should be getting 0.1 percent of your deposit per day. Why 0.29? There is very little data to answer your question.

Question: Do payments on receipts in a given month depend on the date the receipt was uploaded?

Anton: Look, now there is no such thing as a “month”. Each of your receipts is divided by 150 days.

Question: If you withdraw a deposit, for example, 100 CFR, and you had 1,000, will the remaining 900 CFR work for 21 days?

Anton: Yes, it will.
Question: Can I partially withdraw from the CBS deposit?

Anton: Yes, we have just covered this. But you cannot have less than 100 CFR left on the deposit. That is, 100 CFR is the minimum deposit.

Question: How can I view the structure turnover of the cashback service?

Anton: I suppose, there is no such thing yet. Let’s see. Yes, we do not have it yet. There will be such an update soon. We are testing it for now.

Q: When will you add the Romanian leu currency?

Anton: If you have submitted a request to the support service, it would happen faster. It definitely won’t be in the next cashback service version release, because it is currently being tested. We simply cannot add one currency at a time. We are waiting for several currencies, and then we add them.

Question: Could you clarify again: Is the total turnover determined by Indexes and Cashback? Does the personal turnover also consist of those indicators for getting referral payments and cashback on a deposit?

Anton: The turnover is being consolidated. A personal deposit – is not. It all must be separated. You can get different levels.

I have answered your questions. Do we have any more? All questions have been answered during the webinar. If you have anything else to ask, then contact the support or ask it in the comments below the video. Thank you for asking the correct questions. Goodbye!

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