18 June 2021
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Cashback for buying a car for 35% of the cost. It is possible with Finiko
Cashback for buying a car for 35% of the cost. It is possible with Finiko
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Nikita: Hello, everyone. We have a good reason to meet on our channel again. It is pleasant because today, we will be talking about another Finiko partner who has used the car for 35% program. She will pick it up right from the dealership today. A brand new Mercedes.

Vera, hello.

Vera: Hello.

Nikita: Well, tell us why you are here today.

Vera: I’m buying a Mercedes Benz here.

Nikita: You’ve even already done that.

Vera: Yes, I’ve done that. I have signed everything. The car is waiting for me outside.

Nikita: Why have you chosen this particular car?

Vera: Because I like the shape. I have always loved such cars.

Nikita: Tell us about yourself. Is Moscow your native city?

Vera: No, of course not. I am from a remote village in the Chuvash Republic. We were weeding the beds there all the time. We were working hard.

Nikita: Were you doing physical labor all the time?

Vera: Yes, absolutely.

Nikita: How did you get from the village to Moscow?

Vera: They stopped paying me in the village. I went to Moscow to earn money.

Nikita: Well, apparently, you have somehow come across Finiko. How have you heard about the company?

Vera: At first, I worked as a plasterer-painter in Moscow. And then, one friend sent me the link. Firstly, she asked me what I was investing in. But in Finiko, the profitability was twice as high, so I got interested.

Nikita: So you had already had experience in investments, right?

Vera: Of course.

Nikita: Your friend told you that you could get more here. What did you do first?

Vera: First, I went through the link and watched the videos with Kirill. In general, I liked how he was doing business and how he communicated with people.

Nikita: Now, let’s be more specific. How have you managed to get the car?

Vera: The Mercedes cost $64,800.

Nikita: How did you get that amount?

Vera: I invested $13,000 after making some calculations but it was not enough.

Nikita: After 120 days, you got a little less than $40,000, right?

Vera: That’s right. Then, a month later, I extended the contract for an additional month.

Nikita: In the process, it seemed to you that it was not enough. So, you left that money in the program for another month. How much did you get?

Vera: $41,200. And when I was looking at different cars, I saw mine. But it was more expensive. I saw that I also had Indexes. I mean, the dividends. I took them, then added $23,500 more and got the required sum.

Nikita: It all started with $13,000, and now you’re here. You already have 10 stars, right? Vera: Yes.
Nikita: What are you planning to do next?

Vera: Next, I want to help people who have not joined us yet. To show that there is no deception, that everything is fair using a common example. The Mercedes is waiting for me outdoors. That’s the fact. Why not believe?

Nikita: Perhaps, now you will be interested in other programs. Real estate, for example, or another car.

Vera: Of course, it’s interesting. My brother in Surgut has bought an apartment for 35%. And I am already saving up because a good amount is needed to buy something in the center of Moscow.

Nikita: Are you looking for something already?
Vera: Yes, but I don’t want to live right in the center of Moscow. It’s noisy there. Nikita: Have you set any deadlines? Probably you want to move in before some date. Vera: Closer to autumn.
Nikita: Already?
Vera: Already. This year.
Nikita: Do you use CBS ONE?
Vera: Of course. I have 25%. I have already uploaded the receipt for the car.
Nikita: You haven’t forgotten. Many people say they forget.

Vera: Well, how can you forget? It’s a miracle. Nikita: Yes, a very large amount.
Vera: You can calculate how much it will be. Nikita: I’ll do it right now. $16,200.

Vera: Yes, the cashback amount. So, friends, I highly recommend it.

Nikita: We have had a wonderful dialogue. I hope it will be interesting to our viewers to watch this video. Let’s wish them something.

Vera: What can we wish? I am very happy in Finiko. It’s just insane. I have solved my financial problems and have bought a car. You can also do it. Why ignore the opportunity? Maybe you should take it?

Nikita: Thank you very much. I want to join in your words. Thank you for the dialogue. It was very pleasant. I have felt your energy. And we have also agreed to meet in the fall.

Vera: Of course.

Nikita: Already in your apartment. Thank you very much for being with us. I hope you have found the answers you were looking for. See you!

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