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Car or house for 35% of its cost.
Car or house for 35% of its cost.
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In this webinar, we have covered the concept of the program using examples of buying a car and an apartment.
Write down a car’s model and price, and we will go through this example.
Let’s assume it to be Niva Urban for $8,000. You need to deposit 35% of this sum. We multiply $8,000 by 0,35 and get $2,800. In addition to this sum, $135 is the consultation fee. There are three contracts: a loan agreement for $2,800, a contract of trust, and a consultation agreement. In the contract, you oblige us to pay you $8,000. And the consultation fee is the sum to be paid for the service. On day 95, you will become a car owner.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the chat.
Trade-in is possible, but you have to agree to it with a car dealer.
When a client deposits 35%, we use this money to earn the total sum. After the client receives the profit, we keep that 35% for ourselves for further operations.
We have already discussed the types of contracts to be signed and the time frame in which you will become the owner of a car or an apartment. I have also explained the company’s interest in this.

-What if the company does not manage to make enough money?
We haven’t covered this kind of situation before. There are two options: we either return your deposit or offer to prolong the contract.
-Does the money go directly to a seller?
Yes, that’s correct.
-What if the price of a car changes?
Let’s assume that a client wants to buy a car that costs $8,000. Therefore, he deposits $2,800. In the last month of the agreement, he starts searching for that car. In case if he wants a brand new car, he might make a prepayment.
-Is the time frame 95 calendar days or business days?
Calendar days.
-Will the company check whether I have bought the car or not?
We transfer money for the purchase directly to the dealer.

Now let’s discuss an apartment situation. The cost of an apartment is $107,000. A client deposits $37,450 plus a $135 service fee. On day 95, we pay for the apartment according to the deal.
A loan agreement, a contract to receive the total sum, and a consultation agreement. Then, you move into the apartment.
-How to deposit 35%?
If you are based in Kazan, you can pay with cash. If not – you can pay remotely. All inquiries can be sent to the phone number indicated on the screen. We will send you all templates. -Is it possible to edit an agreement?
If the correctives are adequate, we are ready to discuss it.
-Can I indicate my wife as an inviter?
If your conscience allows you, theoretically, you can do it.

-We give you the money, wait for 95 days, and only then visit a car dealer? It is up to you. Some people do it straight away, some make a prepayment. -Is it possible to buy a car not for own use, but for someone else?
Yes, you can do so.

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