24 July 2021
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Buying used cars profitably with Finiko
Buying used cars profitably with Finiko
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Dilyara: Hello, everyone. We are in Ufa. And, probably, everyone already knows Gulyusa. I would like to introduce Ramazan, her son.

Ramazan: Hello.

Dilyara: And now they will tell you their story. Gulyusa, let’s start with you, probably. YOU wanted to tell us about it. Your case was the first in Ufa, wasn’t it?

Gulyusa: You know, I am already ready to shout to the whole world how happy I am. When Kirill Doronin came to Ufa for the first time – from the first minute, I had no doubts about the company. I had no doubts about those cases. I was asking everyone. I literally was asking everyone how it was possible to buy it. The only thing that had to be prepared was a commercial offer and money. Well, and I bought my car.

Dilyara: What car? Let me remind you that this is one of the first cases on our channel.

Gulyusa: We bought a car at the dealership – a Hyundai Creta. And my son did not believe in it. He said that he would not believe it until I buy a car.

Dilyara: Ramazan, tell us, please, about the moment when your mother came and told you about such a company. And that she wanted to buy a car with the help of it. I don’t know, maybe it was so, maybe not.

Ramazan: We were going to a conference here in Hilton. There were only 9 or 11 people.

Dilyara: Why did you go?

Ramazan: My mother said: “Come on, let’s go!” At first, I didn’t want to, because I didn’t believe in it in general. We arrived. Again, I didn’t believe in it, because there were like 4 people standing, and one of them was called Zygmunt. I do not understand how it can be real, yes. But as soon as my mother bought the car, as soon as the bloggers arrived and filmed us, I started feeling as if I bought a car myself. And without hesitating for too long, I invested all the spare money I had. We gathered with the whole family and I deposited 35% of the cost of a new Volkswagen Polo.

Dilyara: How much was that?

Ramazan: $3,700.

Gulyusa: For a $10,800 car.

Dilyara: How long did it take?

Ramazan: After 95 days, on March 24, I received cash. But then, I realized that I could buy not a new car but a used one. And I bought a used Nissan Teana.

Dilyara: Oh, you switched from Volkswagen Polo to Nissan Teana. Ramazan: Yes.
Dilyara: Why did you buy the car? Or did you just want to change it?

Ramazan: Because I don’t know when I would have bought it with spare money. I mean, you seem to work, but you spend on everything. I do not really have any extra money usually. And now, why not buy a car if I have such an opportunity? Moreover, of a higher class.

Gulyusa: This is not his first car. He had a lot. Now, we have two more cars in the garage. Dilyara: Great, you already have a car fleet.
Ramazan: I will also have a new motorcycle soon. Also thanks to the car program. Dilyara: Are you going to have a motorcycle under the program? When will you get it? Ramazan: On June 15.

Dilyara: What kind of a motorcycle?

Ramazan: I haven’t decided yet, but a cool one.

Dilyara: We will definitely come to make a video about your motorcycle. I also ride a motorbike.

Gulyusa: And on March 25, oh, no – May, the money for my husband will come. We are buying another car.

Dilyara: So, your whole family is in the program, right?
Gulyusa: Yes. Now we are thinking about apartments.
Dilyara: Are you just thinking or do you already consider the program?
Gulyusa: No, literally in a few days, we will invest money in the apartment program.

Dilyara: This is a fairly standard question, but many people are interested in it. What do your friends and acquaintances think about it? Of course, initially, when Finiko was just starting its journey, probably many people were against it.

Gulyusa: The funny thing is that, for me… In general, I have never doubted even for a second. To look into Doronin’s eyes is such happiness.

Dilyara: Ramazan, tell me, for example… What do you do, in general? Ramazan: I have a small shop. And I am always there.
Dilyara: So do you have your own business?
Ramazan: Yes.

Dilyara: Your friends – how did they react to the fact that you bought Nissan Teana at one point? A pretty good car.

Ramazan: We are all young and wild. Everyone says: “Yes, yes, come on, come on”. And then, as soon as it comes to money, no one wants to. As soon as I arrived, three people entered the company at once. They said: “Bring the car, we want to see the vehicle license, the vehicle registration certificate. We want to make sure that it is registered in your name – then we will join”. Therefore, someone collects money, and someone thinks.

Dilyara: Besides the fact that you have a good car at the moment, you also have a good case. In addition, you also earn money by showing your case, and people are joining you, right?

Ramazan: Yes. The day before yesterday, or something, I achieved the 3rd star.

Dilyara: Congratulations.

Gulyusa: And I have the 6th star. But I haven’t finished. My neighbor laughed and said: “Let me buy you a bicycle?” So that I ride it. But in the end, when I bought my car and showed the vehicle license, many people started to believe and join.

Dilyara: How did the neighbor react?

Gulyusa: He said: “Damn, I have already bought a car. Otherwise, I would have used the program too.” But now our friends also… It is mainly our common circle. There were even strangers who found me via YouTube, signed up, and entered.

Dilyara: After watching the video?
Gulyusa: Yes. And, in the end, there are 7 cars under me, including my own car.

Dilyara: I will repeat once again – we have not had this before. We came here as a whole team: three operators, me, and Nastya, also a blogger. We have been filming non-stop since morning. Gulyusa, Ramazan, thank you very much. I understand that we will come again because you still have another car and a motorcycle coming. And I think there will be many more cases. You can say goodbye to everyone and ask to subscribe to our channel.

Ramazan: And Instagram.
Gulyusa: Make sure to subscribe, do not hesitate, move forward, enjoy what you are doing.

Dilyara: Thank you. Watch all the cases on our channel. Other videos will be about cars too. Goodbye, everyone.

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