8 May 2021
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Buying a new Hyundai Santa Fe with Finiko
Buying a new Hyundai Santa Fe with Finiko
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Dilyara: Hello, everyone! We are located in Samara. We want to introduce Albert, who has bought a new car, Hyundai Santa Fe. Is that correct?

Albert: Yes.

Dilyara: For 35% of its cost. Albert, please say hello to everyone.

Albert: Hello.

Dilyara: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Albert: Good evening. We are in Samara. I am Albert and my surname is Mustafin. Yes, I did have bought a car for 35% of the cost – a Hyundai Santa Fe for $35,000.

Dilyara: So, it turns out to be a brand new car?
Albert: Yes, it is absolutely new. I have bought it from the dealer.

Dilyara: So, you have purchased a Hyundai Santa Fe. But had you known what car you were going to buy before you entered the program?

Albert: We actually were considering different options back then. But when the payment date was becoming closer, we started visiting car dealer centers actively. My wife and children really liked this Hyundai Santa Fe. And I am absolutely satisfied and very happy that I have bought the car, which is the best of the best for me. This car is huge for our family, “just like a bus”, – my wife says.

Dilyara: Is there enough space for all of you?
Albert: Yes, we all fit in. As they say, it turned out to be a very good car.

Dilyara: And talking about your 35% investment, – how much did you pay and how much did you receive in the end? Let’s begin with how much you have invested.

Albert: We have invested approximately $10,200
Dilyara: And what was the due date?
Albert: We were waiting for 3 months. The term used to be 3 months back then. Dilyara: So, you have managed to participate in the 3-months program.
Albert: Yes, 95-days term. And on the due date, we received the money. Dilyara: How much did you get?

Albert: We received $35,000. And the rest of the sum we have added from other investments.

Dilyara: Do you mean that you earned something else in that period? Albert: Yes, we did.
Dilyara: Was it $5,260?

Albert: This is a very convenient program. You just invest 35% of the car’s cost, and after that, you receive monthly interest from your investment. I am so thankful to Finiko for providing this kind of happy moments in my life. I have never experienced anything like that before. I am a very hard-working person, and I am used to earning everything by labor. But I have never had an opportunity to earn money and be such a happy person at the same time. Thanks a lot to this company, I am very grateful.

Dilyara: This is not the first car in your family, is it? We had already come to Ufa to film your wife’s case and the purchase of your son afterward.

Albert: Yes.

Dilyara: So, there have been two car purchases already. And then Albert said to me: “Soon I will receive my own car!”. I said: “Probably, the team and I will come when there are more cases from Ufa to film everything at once”. As a result, Albert had come to the conference in Samara in his new car, and we decided to film everything here. Albert, tell us about the emotions you have experienced. You have invested $10,000 which is still a lot.

Albert: Well, of course. Dilyara: $35,000.

Albert: Firstly, emotions have exceeded all expectations. Secondly, I want to explain what I really like about this company and why it fits my life so well. This company is like one big family. For example, our current structure has a huge number of people. As a company, we hold conferences, conduct trading, carry out and work on attracting new people.

Dilyara: In general, do you work as a structure?
Albert: Yes, our structure is very strong and very efficient.

Dilyara: You, guys from Ufa, are great by the way. We had come before. How many cars had there been? About eleven cars and a lot of real estate cases are expected soon.

Albert: A lot of cars and four of them are in our family. I have just bought the fourth one recently.

Dilyara: Are there already four cars?

Albert: Yes. Moreover, my son has bought a motorcycle and has recently invested in real estate purchases. We are also going to buy an apartment for our daughter.

Dilyara: Wait, are you going to buy an apartment for your daughter also with our program? Albert: Yes, we will receive it soon.
Dilyara: We are going to come back to Ufa soon, guys.

Albert: We are also going to buy an apartment for our second daughter soon. So, you can see that our whole family is really involved in the business. We are very happy. And all of our children are very happy too. I ask my son: “Hey, how are you?”, and he replies: “Dad, it’s all like a fairy tale.”

Dilyara: Okay, so now you can afford to buy apartments for your daughters, cars for all family members, and now you enter one more program. So, you are able to satisfy basic needs like where to live and how to move around. In addition, you make money by building your own structure. All things considered, do you now have more free time to pursue a hobby? What do you like to do?

Albert: For now, all we do is Finiko. We have a big plan and a lot of people to work with. Dilyara: And what about your children?

Albert: My kids go about their business. It means that someone is working somewhere, no one has quit their job yet, all my children work in their positions. And still…

Dilyara: “Do whatever you want, but money is a must”.

Albert: And nevertheless, people close mortgage loans, buy cars and apartments. This is a very good program. But it is not the end result. Next, we plan to invest in production. For example, the construction of factories and other investments.

Dilyara: So, are you just planning it?
Albert: We have already started it.
Dilyara: Seriously? My congratulations!
Albert: We have already built a factory for sunflower oil production. Dilyara: No way! Is it in Ufa? Do you own this factory or…?

Albert: Yes, it is mine, and we are going to expand.

Dilyara: It’s incredible! In addition to building your team, purchasing cars, and apartments, now you also have a sunflower oil plant!

Albert: Yes, and we will expand for sure.
Dilyara: Albert, thank you for a very cool interview! You have surprised me! Albert: Seriously?

Dilyara: Yes, I am very surprised, because many people I have been interviewing are very grateful for the opportunity to buy a car or an apartment, or to earn money. But still, besides that, building something of your own is worthy of respect, I think. People should follow your example.

Albert: Thank you!
Dilyara: Everyone, thank you very much. You can say goodbye.

Albert: Thank you very much! In conclusion, I would like to say that if you want to join Finiko, do not doubt even for a second and enter this company. You will experience a lot of happiness and pleasure.

Dilyara: Thank you! Follow our YouTube channel, Instagram, and Telegram. Subscribe, like, and share. Bye-bye!

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