18 June 2021
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Buying a dream car. Interview with the partner of Finiko
Buying a dream car. Interview with the partner of Finiko
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Nikita: Good morning. We have a pleasant occasion to meet again. Today, we are meeting with a man who is one of the first Finiko partners and he is picking up a brand new Mercedes from the dealership. It is right behind me. We will show it to you and talk about it with Andrey. This has been his dream for the last 20 years. Watch our video to know how it will be.

Nikita: Good morning, Andrey.
Andrey: Good morning.
Nikita: How is the mood of the person who is picking up the new Gelandewagen today?

Andrey: You know, I am always in a good mood. When I wake up, it’s already good. But today is a special day because the dream that I have had since I was 20 has come true. I have bought a car that I have been dreaming of for a long time. This is just the peak of my emotions in terms of the automotive industry. This car reflects my personality, driving style, and cheers me up all the time.

Nikita: You have been dreaming of it for 20 years. When did you get your driving license?

Andrey: I got it when I was 23 years old.

Nikita: Did you start driving right away? What was your first car?

Andrey: Ural car. My father taught me to drive. Also, my uncle’s car, Moskvich 407. The very first passenger car. I was 9-10 years old, and I already had a passion for cars.

Nikita: And at what age did you start dreaming of Gelandewagen? Andrey: Approximately from the age of 29, because now I am 49.

Nikita: Why this particular car? Have you seen it somewhere or read about it? Passion for such cars does not appear just like that.

Andrey: Yes. Because even if you just look at the avenue now, there will be a bunch of expensive cars but you will not notice them. And if Gelandewagen passes by, you will immediately notice it. This is a brutal car, this is a state of the human soul. This is a car that fully expresses you.

Nikita: You have already had a Gelandewagen. Why did you decide to update it?

Andrey: I want to express my gratitude to the Finiko company because last year, I achieved the dream I had. And this is the second car. I drove straight out of the dealership.

Nikita: What do you think, could you have bought it right now if you weren’t a partner of Finiko? Or would it be more difficult?

Andrey: I think it would not have been possible, because it is a very expensive pleasure. It would happen but a little later. Much later. I like to set goals and achieve them. So, my goals are always accomplished. That’s how I live.

Nikita: You are one of the very first partners of Finiko, if I may say so. Andrey: That’s right.

Nikita: Have you already been thinking about Gelandewagen back then?

Andrey: I had been thinking about it even before Finiko. But when I became a partner and realized the company’s capabilities, I understood that this car would become mine much faster.

Nikita: I even know that you and Kirill managed to talk about it personally at one meeting.

Andrey: Yes, we did. Kirill and I communicate about our goals and desires very often. For example, a person has the opportunity to buy something, but he just lies on the couch. I think that it is a degradation. A person lives with emotions, so there must constantly be new desires. This is just an opportunity for development because each time you overcome new obstacles.

Nikita: Have you bought a car under the AT35 program? Andrey: Yes.

Nikita: Great. I want to ask what should a person who has bought a car that he has been dreaming of for 20 years do next? Are there any further auto-plans?

Andrey: No. I will answer the next question right away. I’ll just drive and enjoy it. I am not obsessed with any other cars, because they are simply not my cars. I feel good and comfortable in Gelandewagen.

Nikita: So, the issue has been resolved for many years. And are there any global goals to share? What’s next?

Andrey: You know, in fact, when a person covers his everyday needs, at that moment, their brain turns off the feeling of fear to pay for something. And at that moment, the person begins to express himself truly. Sometimes, you don’t even know what will come out of you, and in which direction you will develop.

Nikita: Are you waiting for inspiration now?

Andrey: Yes, yes, I’m sure it will come. Of course, this is not the limit. Just another step has been reached. I already have further plans, so it’s great.

Nikita: Some 25-year-olds are watching the video now. They really like it – someone is also dreaming of Gelandewagen. What should they do? You are an experienced person, so what would you advise them?

Andrey: You know, first you need to change your consciousness. Find out what you personally want. Nothing will come to you while you are lying on the couch. At one time, I also worked in the mine. Every time I went down, I did not understand why I was mining coal but earning so little. I’ve always wanted to achieve something bigger. There is a limit, there are limits. I’ve always looked for opportunities where there were no limits. In 1993, I was introduced to the first MLM company. I went there and realized that it was mine. It changed my mind. Those who want to change the quality of their lives should go to MLM companies. What is MLM? This is when you are building a team. But the main thing is that the product must also be good. You will earn a commission. If you do not sit still but do something, then your sales increase. The universe will reward you for this. You will simply be inspired by what you are doing.

Nikita: I think that the information you have shared will be important and interesting to someone. It was a pleasure to talk to you. Thank you all.

Andrey: Thank you.

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