26 January 2021
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Buying a bus with the Finiko company
Buying a bus with the Finiko company
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Yuri: Sorry, could you stop here, please? Come on, we are just kidding because we are in a great mood, since today, we will shoot a case about an entire bus! This is Chelny, next to me is Mars Marisovich. Please, tell us a little about yourself, how old you are, what you do, and where you live.

Mars: Good afternoon, my name is Mars Nugaev, I live in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. Previously, I worked in military services, now I am retired. To date, I am 50 years old. I heard about Finiko last year from my friends. So, Kirill Doronin came to the conference, with their, say, traders. And I had to participate in it many times. I studied everything carefully, asked questions, heard that everything. After that, the top investor Ilgiz Zakirovich, there is such a respected person, invited me to his office, explained the situation. He said, “Mars Marisovich, you are already a pensioner”. Because, say, I did not want to remain unemployed despite the pension. Moreover, I am the father of many children, so I need to feed the family.

Yuri: How many children do you have?

Mars: Well, I have three children and a wife. Therefore, there are five of us in the house. And I had some certain doubts, but he said: “Mars, that’s it, that’s enough, make up your mind.” Finiko has the “35% of the cost” program.

Yuri: 35% of the cost of a car?

Mars: Yes, of a car; there were many proposals, for some reason, I immediately had a dream to have a bus in the first place. And earlier I had it, this dream.

Yuri: Tell me, from what age have you been dreaming of a bus? Because not every person dreams about it.

Mars: So, after I demobilized and earned my pension. And at that time, I already had a dream to have a bus. Not like one bus, but several buses. I wanted them for civilian purposes, wanted them for medical purposes. And after that, I thought, thought, and decided. Before that, my car was a Nissan X-Trail 2013. Without hesitation, I sold it for $10,200.

Yuri: $10,200?

Mars: Yes, I sold it and invested in the Finiko car program. So, it was on February 29, I made a deposit and on June 3, I already received about $27,500 in my hands.

Yuri: How much did the bus cost?

Mars: Currently, this bus costs $24,700. I had just enough money in my pocket, I still have a little more money, because Finiko does not consist of programs alone.

Yuri: Did you have a little money left after it came to you?

Mars: Yes, yes. Then, I saw that there are other products, I mean, Indexes, Finiko Life, Finiko Product. And I decided to invest a little money in each product. As they say, today they are profitable, they bring income. Therefore, how to say. Thank God, today, I live well.

Yuri: Okay, what are your goals? I mean, you said that you want a bus fleet – five, ten buses?

Mars: In the near future, I want to buy a couple of new buses, and after that, if they give permission, I would like to have a couple of dozen buses. And, as I said earlier, for medical and civil purposes and, as they say, so that there are always routes inside, in the city, so that people do not stand, do not need. Arrived on time, picked up on time, brought in on time, delivered, so to speak.

Yuri: You say “us”, I mean, “we”; do you have a team?

Mars: Well, let’s just say that the Zakamsky region is huge. We have offices in Almetyevsk, Nizhnekamsk, Elabuga, Mendeleevsk, and in Chelny itself.

Yuri: So, for quite a long time, you were getting familiar with the company, but when the bus arrived, when you had already purchased it. So, people become interested, people ask: where, what, how in general, because before that it was just a dream, but now there is a bus.

Mars: Yes, before I got the bus, many acquaintances, relatives, and friends. I told everyone about this Finiko program. I invited everyone to the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, everyone came. Some of them signed up, some began to repay loans, some invested 35% into cars. And when my dream came true, I saw the bus in the parking lot when they brought it. I was already, say, in shock, I thought: “Is it true?” It turns out that it is, and such things happen; it turns out that you should believe in everything in this life. After that, guys from different cities now come to me, call me, they try to participate in conferences. And today, such large, say, huge manipulators want to buy.

The guys found out that one friend wants to enter with $82,000. Another one also wants to enter the car program with $41,000; he wants a jeep. Therefore, I would like to say that this company gave the guys the opportunity to earn money and status. You have to keep the status and believe, because Kirill Doronin, their team, traders, guys – they all are good specialists. They explain each question clearly and clearly, show it both by phone and when they visit. Therefore, God bless him; we respect, appreciate, and love them.

Yuri: You have spoken about questions, I mean, you had a lot of questions, you asked them. What were the main questions for you? Three.

Mars: The main questions were about money, I guess, about money: how much you need to invest and how much you can get. They showed us documentation, brochures, films, videos. So, when I looked at everything, I saw that there was an opportunity. It is not said there that you should immediately invest $13,000, there is 35% of the goods’ cost. People can weigh it, they can apply for a loan, they can invest.

Yuri: Yes, that is, all those videos are still on the YouTube channel.

Mars: Yes, everything is there. You can watch, as they say. And we watched and studied, I repeat myself once again. And therefore, the goal is standing next to you, so to speak. Hopefully, shortly, I will conclude a new agreement. I say it would be good to have at least a dozen of such buses, and I think the business will move forward.

Yuri: Okay, ten.
Mars: Ten is enough.
Yuri: Ten buses – well, that’s enough for now.

Mars: Enough, enough. Then, over time, probably, I will have my own vehicle fleet: drivers, repairmen, car services, if all this works out. Again, it requires money, so it is necessary to invest.

Yuri: Well, yes. What will be the name of the vehicle fleet?

Mars: Of course, I can’t call it “Finiko 2”.

Yuri: Yes, you should come up with something original.

Mars: In childhood, I always had a nickname. The nickname was “Shabai”. Nar Shabai is a writer. I will probably call it “Shabai”. Bus fleet “Shabai”.

Yuri: In my opinion, it sounds good. Mars: Good, why not.

Yuri: Okay, Mars Marisovich, thank you very much, it was nice to talk to you.

Mars: Thank you so much for coming and for supporting us so much. As I say, Kirill Doronin, I want to express my gratitude to their team.

They have always been such good professionals. And they always support us, and we support them; hopefully, there will always be clients. We will always support each other, that’s the only way to achieve results.

Yuri: As I said, you can see all the detailed information on the Finiko channel. There is a video, please watch, familiarize yourself. And we remind you that we are doing our best for you so that all your questions disappear. Well, and so that you would be standing next to your dream. Don’t forget about likes, bells, and subscribe, people!

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