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Bought Volkswagen Arteon with Finiko
Bought Volkswagen Arteon with Finiko
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Yuri: Hello, everyone. We are glad to see you on our channel. So, this is Natalia. Say hello to everyone.

Natalia: Good afternoon.
Yuri: Natalia, tell us a little about yourself. Where are you from, what do you do?

Natalia: We are from the Chuvash Republic, the city of Cheboksary. On April 18, we learned about the company’s CTI Indexes program.

Yuri: So, did you start right away?

Natalia: Yes, I am such a person: right away, yes, take the bull by the horns, as they say. I mean, initially, when we got to know the company, got to know the products, we were interested in the marketing plan because we left the network marketing industry. And, accordingly, when I saw the program, it attracted me, but the affiliate program seemed more interesting. It is related to the CTI Indexes program. And when Vasily told us about the program, I heard the following phrase: “Level 9 – bonus car”. And we were planning to change my husband’s car back then. And when I saw the amount of $ 13,000, we became very interested.

Yuri: So, you have initially set a goal for yourself and so on. 3, 4, 5 stars – you want the 9th.

Natalia: Yes, my focus was on the 9th level, initially. I mean, I see the car bonus – level 9 is required, I understand.

Yuri: See a goal – go for it.

Natalia: Exactly. And on April 18, we signed an agreement. After 3 months, we reached level 8.

Yuri: In 3? Already? How did you manage to do it?

Natalia: We started telling our closest circle about the programs that we were using ourselves. I mean, they were relatives, friends, and colleagues. They became interested in these programs, they decided to support us and solve their issues as well. And, hence, they began entering various programs. So, by helping other people to realize their dreams and goals, we achieved ours. In the 3rd month, we achieved the 8th level, in the 4th month, we achieved the 9th level. Literally the day before yesterday, it was 5 months, and I can already say that we have the tenth level. There is a little bit left, well, it should happen this week. And we have made ourselves a present – a car, as we took advantage of the car bonus at level 9, $13,000. And added the interest earned on Indexes.

Yuri: Well, yes, you’ve just started to talk about the numbers in more detail. Let’s take a walk. What did you do in the beginning?

Natalia: When we entered, we had no finance. We are simple guys, so to speak. So. And we started with 1 CTI Index – $1,000. I wanted to use my example, the example of me and my husband, to show everyone, our friends and all people, that it is possible for an ordinary person to come, enter a minimal program, and, if there are passion and desire, to develop it all. We entered with one Index and increased it to 25.

Yuri: In 4 months?

Natalia: Yes. That all was done with an interest earned on CTI Index and an affiliate program. So, we have developed it.

Yuri: And no secrets? Just went got it?

Natalia: Well, I think that if you are planning to develop under the affiliate program, then the system is important there. You should have a clear system because if ambitious people come here, it is difficult to manage them. But you can control them through the system. So, and, accordingly, the task was to build a system for our clients who would like to become partners. And thanks to this system, we already have a level 9 partner in the structure, who is achieving level 10. We have 5s in the structure, we are specifically interested in the marketing plan. And we are so ambitious people, so to speak, in terms of development, growth. And, of course, when a company gives so many privileges in the form of a promo: we get gifts, in the form of a car bonus, I think being by the water and not drinking it – well, that’s stupid. Therefore, we are trying to give the maximum of what the company provides.

Yuri: Okay, let’s get back to the numbers again then. You had $1,000 at entry and $25,000 in 4 months. What did you do next?

Natalia: Then we got a car bonus since we reached level 9. Therefore, there is an increased interest on personal turnover, yes. And we receive such a decent amount per month, plus from the structure. In a month we get, not in a month, but in a day, quite a considerable amount. And we withdrew interest earned on Indexes, took a bonus, and bought a car. Our first cash purchase was actually thanks to the company.

Yuri: Cool! But interest – it all sounds very abstract. Let’s talk about the numbers. How much does the car cost?

Natalia: The car costs $40,700. Yuri: And?

Natalia: We received $13,000 on the car bonus program – that’s 1,000,000 rubles. And we withdrew $26,000 from the CTI Indexes program thanks to the personal Index and the affiliate program.

Yuri: What kind of car do you have?

Natalia: Our car is Volkswagen Arteon. There are only 2 such cars in our Republic, and we took one of them. And there are only 200 of them in Russia! And now it’s already 199 because Natalia and Sergey have one car.

Natalia: Yes. And I will say that in this color it is in a single copy.

Yuri: A single one?

Natalia: Yes. I know that there is no such color in Kazan. I know that it is definitely not in Cheboksary. We did not ask about Moscow or Nizhny Novgorod. But in fact, the mustard color is so exclusive.

Yuri: If you suddenly find a car in mustard or turmeric, as it is called, write in the comments. Natalia will wait.

Natalia: Yes, so. And that was our first goal. We wanted to change the car. Yuri: What car did you have before?
Natalia: Lada Granta.
Yuri: So promptly. Granta and Arteon.

Natalia: Yes, from Granta directly to Arteon.
Yuri: Well, of course, why should there be something in the middle? Go to Arteon!

Natalia: Ambitions are big, desires are powerful, goals are grandiose. And moreover, the company provides so many opportunities. We’re really grateful. I say: “Sergey, what have we done in life so that such a company that makes dreams come true has appeared on our way?” You know, we want to show everyone here with our example that absolutely anyone, ANY guys, regardless of who their parents are, what position they hold. That absolutely any person, if he wants to solve his financial problems, can do it using Finiko programs. And so, we bought this car. To show everyone. Yes, there will be those who will believe, who will not believe, but this is life. But I know one thing: that following our example, people in our Republic will discover the programs more and more now and enter. And my husband and I have set the goal that every family, absolutely every family in our Republic, will have a Finiko program.

Yuri: Bring the ballots, we should vote!

Indeed, you have such a speech, Natalia. Perhaps, soon your face will appear on posters somewhere. You said that you took this car in order to… One of the tasks is to be a role model? But did you choose according to some other criteria? The car is cool. Why is this particular car for you?

Natalya: I would say that I am really lucky to have such a husband. He always and everywhere supports me in everything. And that was his dream. And when he told me … We

came here for another car – Volkswagen Passat. And at that moment, when we came to buy a car, they brought Arteon.

Yuri: How much does the Passat cost?

Natalia: About $25,000. $28,000-30,000. The difference, of course, is about $13,000. And he was looking, and I saw that he wanted this car in his eyes. And since we have always been side by side for 15 years. He always supported me in all my endeavors, and, well, how could I not support him? And, of course, I said, “Sergey, choose the car by yourself. You steer, you drive, you choose, and I will support you.”

Yuri: Yes! Natasha, I love you! Just ran to buy the car straight away! It’s cool and really impressive. Okay, tell me, are you in any other programs? Are you planning to enter something? Because it is one of the points – to purchase a Volkswagen Arteon.

Natalia: Yes.
Yuri: What’s next?

Natalia: Yes, yes, yes. I mean, currently, we are planning to increase the number of Indexes. Next, we have the cashback program. I believe that it is one of the most powerful programs because even when buying a car for cash, we took a receipt, attached it, and made a return of 24%. That is, we made ourselves an additional discount for this car. And it’s cool, great. Yes, now we will be telling absolutely everyone about cashback. I mean, these are the must-haves: Indexes and Cashback are like the holy of holies. And we are going to enter the real estate program. I said: “Sergey, you choose the car, I choose an apartment.” And we agreed on that.

Yuri: Can it turn out so that you will be looking for an apartment, and Sergey will say: “Choose a house!”?

Natalia: We have already discussed that. He said that he would not interfere with my choice. And, accordingly, I am currently selecting an apartment in Sochi, by the sea. It is my dream: to have panoramic windows, to make coffee, go out to the balcony, look at the sea, at the view. And at the moment, we are keeping an eye on it, because these goals, they motivate us to achieve results in the future. And also, thank you for changing the marketing plan. And, accordingly, I understand that the result of our people will be our result as well. I understand that it is possible to help a certain number of people to realize their dreams, and I will realize mine. And so, at the moment our focus is the following: an apartment, real estate with panoramic windows by the sea in Sochi. And it warms my soul very much, therefore, we work day and night.

Yuri: I just wanted to say that I feel your desire, that fire that is burning inside you. And now, with this mood, with those people who are watching us, you can give a few tips from yourself. What do you want to advise them and what do you want to convey now?

Natalia: For those who have not decided yet?

Yuri: Yes.

Natalia: We always tell our close circle that there is an opinion, and there are the facts. When you say that someone is bad and someone is good, it is an opinion. You have to make the facts. At the moment, I do not see a single client who would be dissatisfied. No one! Everything that the company says, everything that the company announces – they do it. And, accordingly, when you make a decision, you should not be led by the opinion of people. You should study the facts, and the facts show the opposite. The facts show that we are at the right time and with the right company. Being by the water and not drinking as much as possible is also stupid in our opinion. Therefore, I urge you to study the company – that is first. The second is to set a clear goal for yourself: what program you are planning to use, for what purpose. And the third is to start acting. That’s all.

Yuri: Thank you, Natalia. As I have said, it is warm being next to you, as this energy is felt. I hope our cameras will not act up because of these vibes. We wish you the best of luck.

Natalia: Thank you.
Yuri: We think we’ll see you again! Thank you.

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