26 January 2021
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Bargain purchase of Infiniti QX50 through Finiko
Bargain purchase of Infiniti QX50 through Finiko
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Yuri: Hello, everyone! We are in Kazan. And today, our guests came to visit us in their new Infiniti. And now, we will talk to them. Pavel and Vera are next to me. Let’s first get to know them a little and ask where they came from. Okay, tell us, how old are you, where are you from and what do you do?

Pavel: I am 44 years old, I work in the oil industry. I still work there, for 22 years so far. Yuri: 22 years!

Pavel: 22 years in the oil industry. I learned about Finiko through my sister, and I do not regret that I found out about Finiko and joined it. I have been there since January, thanks to my sister.

Yuri: Okay, now is the time to turn to Vera. Vera, please, tell us, how did you hear about Finiko?

Vera: My name is Vera. My friend, an acquaintance, told me and sent a link: “Look.” I say: “No, no, I’m already everywhere, I don’t need to go there.” And even so, I checked it: “Oh, I’ve got interested.” I invested my money in there and tried to withdraw it. I did it and I liked it. I have deposited all the money in there, and I want to say that I have withdrawn a lot during this time.

Yuri: Tell us where you came from. I mean, we are currently in Kazan, and you came here from…?

Pavel: We live in Surgut, the car was bought at the Surgut Infiniti Motors dealership. We visited our parents in Chuvashia and during the holidays, agreed to meet, to shoot a video about buying a car. From our parents’ place, the village of Klimovo, Chuvashia, Ibresinsky district.

Yuri: Cool, nice. Infiniti?

Pavel: Infiniti.

Yuri: Here, it is standing next to me, and it is yours, right?

Pavel: Yes, ours.

Yuri: Yes, the program “35% of the cost”.

Pavel: Yes, Finiko has a program “Buy a car for 35% of the cost”. Any car, either new or used. We deposited the money. On March 10m, we deposited 35% of the cost.

Yuri: March 10, 2020?

Pavel: Yes, 2020. We deposited $9,000. It took us 95 days, we entered the first wave, before the 4-months increase, tax-free. And 95 days passed by, but it seemed to us that it was not enough, we extended it for another 1 month. In total, it worked for 4 months. The final sum increased to $27,200. On July 11, we received it into our account and withdrew the money. And we invested that $27,200 into the car, at the dealership, at the Infiniti dealership.

Yuri: And what was the cost of the car?

Pavel: The cost of the car – we paid $49,000. $27,200 out of that sum were credited to us, and we added $21,800 of our own money. Actually, kind of our own money. Not our own, but we withdrew it from Finiko. Because we have Indexes working there. They work. From Indexes, we received, accumulated the same money, that $21,800. We added $27,200 to that sum, and we got $49,000.

Yuri: Mathematics, simple mathematics.

Pavel: Simple mathematics, yes. Simple and easy. With the help of Finiko, everything is easy!

Yuri: Great! Did you initially want Infiniti or some other car?

Pavel: Of course, initially, we did not want and did not consider Infiniti. Because we didn’t plan to buy such an expensive car.

Yuri: Did it seem like something out of reach?

Pavel: Out of reach, something for other people, not for us. With the help of Finiko, we did it easily. It was planned to purchase a car within $27,200.

Yuri: Toyota. You said, right?

Pavel: Toyota, yes. Toyota Crown. Also a good car, I recommend it to everyone. But it also happened that with Finiko, we bought an Infiniti QX50 for $49,000.

Yuri: It was an interesting gesture just now. QX50. Okay, tell us, during our conversation you also have mentioned that you are entering another program, the real estate program, right?

Pavel: There is also the real estate program in Finiko, yes – very good. On August 14, we deposited 1,600,000 rubles or $22,485 in there. The exchange rate is constantly changing, what is it in rubles? And in the end, on December 12, Finiko will pay us $62,000 for a real estate purchase. We are looking forward to that month, December 12, with impatience.

Yuri: Well, yes. Do you now have an understanding that anything is possible, that you will have it very soon?

Pavel: Yes, yes, yes. We have no doubts about Finiko, we are 100% sure. And we also tell people, but they still don’t believe it. They don’t believe it yet, but many of my acquaintances have already begun to believe after purchasing a car. And they themselves want to join the Finiko program. And I would say, take advantage of different programs, meet their needs with the help of Finiko.

Yuri: Great. Pavel, Vera, thank you very much. If you want to find out even more information, then no problem – go to the Finiko channel, and there, you will find absolutely everything. And I wish you the best of luck. And see you when you receive your property.

Pavel: We will definitely call you again, see you, and shoot a new video about buying real estate through the Finiko program.

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