18 June 2021
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April series of Club 20 by Finiko
April series of Club 20 by Finiko
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Nikita: Hello, everyone. It is spring and it is already hot in Sochi. And today, Club 20 is starting here. We will tell you about the first day and will get to know the participants. We will not be able to tell everything in detail, but we will still show some parts to you. If you want to know how it will be, stay tuned.

Sergey: Club 20 is direct communication with Kirill.
Ramadan: Since today’s topic is mentoring, I volunteered to study in order to create a team for myself.

Nikita: The main part is starting now. The participants are on the spot. There are only 20 of them and Kirill Doronin. You will not see any broadcast, of course.

Lilia: These opportunities that Kirill gives us today are very important.

Olga: It is impossible not to come to Kirill for training if there is such an opportunity. One must not only be here but also take advantage of the chance because it is always a point of growth.

Nikita: The first day has come to an end. You saw the emotions and conclusions of the participants. I will only say that there are three more days ahead and 60 more participants. We will show their emotions and conclusions as well. Subscribe to our channel if you don’t want to miss anything. See you soon!

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