18 June 2021
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Apartment for 35% of the cost
Apartment for 35% of the cost
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Yuri: Well, it’s time for the final point in Novosibirsk. Fortunately, it is a real estate case, and we are extremely happy about it. It is currently raining outside, and we are sitting in warmth and comfort. Let’s get to know the people who have bought this apartment. So, introduce yourself guys.

Evgeny: Good afternoon, my name is Evgeny.

Lilia: My name is Lilia. Hello.

Yuri: Guys, please tell us about your occupation.

Evgeny: I have an electrician education, so, I work as a mining engineer. I repair the equipment.

Yuri: Sounds serious. Tell us in more detail about the equipment repair. For how many years have you been doing it?

Evgeny: I have a total experience of about 16 years of working in production.

Yuri: Lilia, what do you do?

Lilia: I work for an insurance company. We issue compulsory medical insurance policies.

Yuri: Please tell us about your path: how did you find out about the company, and what gave you confidence in what you have done?

Evgeny: Our relative, Artur Sharipov, told us about the company in December. He gave us information that there was such a company. He provided us with a direction for research so that we could get to know the company and learn in more detail about it and its capabilities.

Yuri: By the way, just a moment. We have also filmed Arthur’s case. It will be on our channel or is already there. So make sure to check it out.

Evgeny: So, he showed us the path, gave us a direction of movement in this company. We clarified the questions we had. There were some moments we did not understand.

Yuri: What questions did you have? What was the first thing that came to your mind when you heard about the company?

Evgeny: The questions were mostly about, say, technical issues. I mean, the mechanics of the company’s operations: how it makes money, what the process is. This was not our first project together, so it did not take us much time to resolve the issues that had arisen.

Yuri: You trusted Arthur even before that, and he told you about the company.

Evgeny: Of course, yes. And in December, we first entered Product and Indexes with a certain amount of money. We were using that product studying services of the company further. Well, in February, we decided to use the company’s products, “Real estate for 35%” and “Car for 35%”.

Yuri: Simultaneously?
Evgeny: At the same time, yes. So, we signed up for two programs: for real estate and for a car.

Yuri: It is so interesting that at first, there were doubts and no actions yet. And then the information just comes: “Let’s take a car and an apartment”. Was it like that?

Evgeny: Something like that. We took our own risk, so to speak. We took out loans from the bank. We didn’t take out a mortgage because we didn’t want it.

Yuri: Well, 15-30 years sounds serious.

Evgeny: Yes. How to pay $260-400 for 15-20 years? Such prospects did not suit us. We chose a slightly different path for ourselves. So, we have entered the car and real estate programs by taking out loans from the bank.

Yuri: Lilya, tell me, did you immediately approve of that decision? Did you make a decision together? Lilia: Yes, of course, we made this decision together.

Yuri: So, you supported each other and entered the apartment and the car program together. Okay, what’s next?

Evgeny: Well, we entered in February. While in the company, looking at its movement, at its prospects, we made a decision. In March, we entered one more program, I mean, one more car.

Yuri: One more car.
Evgeny: Yes. Accordingly, we already had three cases in progress. Yuri: Well, that’s cool.

Evgeny: When we entered, the program’s term used to be three months. Thus, after three months, we took advantage of the possibility to extend the contract. So, we extended our contracts for a month. Respectively, our amount increased by another 15%. At the end of June, we received payments for the first car and for real estate. Now, we can see what was acquired.

Yuri: How many rooms are here? Three? Is this a three-room apartment?

Evgeny: A three-room apartment, yes. Almost in the сenter of Novosibirsk. Within walking distance from the subway.

Yuri: Have you ever thought that you would have an apartment and two cars at once? Have you ever had such a thought in your head?

Evgeny: No, of course not. I had an idea of buying some used car because we lived in a big city, and we needed to move around it somehow. But in the end, we bought two absolutely new cars from the dealership.

Yuri: To commute?

Evgeny: Well, yes, around the city. Of course, own car is much more convenient than public transport, especially in a big city. It is more a necessity than something else.

Yuri: So, let’s talk about the numbers because it is one of the most important components. How much does the apartment cost?

Evgeny: The apartment costs $60,500. We deposited $20,200 in the company. That was for an apartment. And $5,200 was contributed for the first car.

Yuri: So, what is the first car?

Evgeny: The first car is a Skoda Karoq. We purchased it for $20,400. Yuri: And how much did you deposit?
Evgeny: We invested 35% of the cost. It was around $5,200.
Yuri: And the second car?

Evgeny: The second car is a Skoda Rapid. We bought it for $14,500. Well, and we deposited in the company around $4,600. With the second car, we did the same thing. I mean, we extended the contract for a month, respectively, the payment amount was increased by 15%.

Yuri: Why do you need two cars?

Evgeny: Well, two cars because there are two of us.

Yuri: It is logical. Is it applicable to real estate?

Evgeny: No, an apartment is a family hearth. An apartment is an apartment. We need it to gather families, to spend time together. And a car is a car. Its purpose is to simplify life.

Yuri: The first moment; when you entered the apartment, what did you feel? You saw a good renovation here – it is not a rough finish. Everything is already here. Just come in and live. What did you feel?

Evgeny: In principle, the goal was to find such an apartment where we could just move in and live. We used to live in rented housing until today. Before that, I had the experience of renovating an apartment, so that it was to my liking. And we decided to find an apartment with a ready-made renovation. And which would be to our liking. Where we would move in and feel that it is ours.

Yuri: So, have you lived only in rented apartments before? Evgeny: Yes!
Yuri: And now, you finally have something of your own! Evgeny: Yes. We have lived only in rented housing before.

Yuri: It’s so awesome: your own apartment – do whatever you want. I hope the neighbors will not bother you because they have already knocked a few times during the shooting. “Hey, we heard something about the 35% program”.

Evgeny: The neighbors can bother us only in case if they want me to consult them on the company’s work. We are all for it!

Yuri: Right at the window, they won’t let us out.

Evgeny: We are ready to share our joy, not just to advise, but to share joy, impressions, share it with people so that people also get such emotions, also see and take these opportunities that the company gives us at the moment.

Yuri: Yes, that’s exactly what we are trying to do. Now we travel around the cities, we shoot people who are sitting in their apartments and getting their cars. And we are trying to convey it to the rest and to demonstrate how it is. Could you share your plans for the future? What are you planning next?

Evgeny: There are plans, of course. Well, they are for future prospects, for global ones. We would like to move, say, to warmer places, to warmer regions.

Yuri: So, does Lilia know about it?

Lilia: Yes, because it’s cold here. We came from Uzbekistan, we want warmth. It’s warm there, and it’s always winter here.

Yuri: How cold is it here in winter? It can reach -40 degrees, right? Evgeny: -30 happens for sure.
Lilia: I want to move where it is warmer, of course.
Yuri: Do you want a private house?

Lilia: Yes, preferably, our own house. We’ll see.

Evgeny: Of course, yes, further desire and plans are to move to warmer places. Having such opportunities, experiencing them ourselves, we understand that it is real. We realize that these are not some unrealistic dreams. We just need to go towards our goal. We understand that it is a goal, a real goal, and not just some kind of dream.

Yuri: So, perhaps, sometime, somewhere far away, we will come across an apartment. Evgeny, now you can look into the camera and talk to people who are looking at you and also want an apartment, two cars, and also want a house. Perhaps, by the sea, and to live in warm regions. What advice would you give them?

Evgeniy: I would like to advise people not to be afraid. Or rather to study the products, examine everything. All the information is available. For example, YouTube and the company’s official channels. You need to study everything yourself, understand how it works, what the company does, where the money comes from, the mechanics of making money. You do not need to watch negative videos on YouTube, which are created by competitors or anyone else, and draw conclusions from those videos. You need to spend time watching several seminars, conferences of the company. Usually, there is always a question-answer section at such conferences. And I think many questions will be resolved when you watch it. Spend time researching the company, not looking for the negative. A person finds what he looks for. Looking for negative – you get negative, and if you take the time and try to understand it. Then, accordingly, your dreams will come true.

Yuri: You need to focus on finding an answer, and you can find everything, as was already said by Evgeny on our channel. We are trying for you, we travel around cities, and we hope that you will find answers to absolutely all of your questions. You can always write to the support service, to those people who appeared in our videos – they are always ready to help you. Well, thank you very much.

Evgeny and Lilia: Thank you! Yuri: See you soon.
Evgeny: All the best.

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