18 June 2021
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About the Fin2Fin peer-to-peer lending platform
About the Fin2Fin peer-to-peer lending platform
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Kirill: And now, finally, we are going to present you a service that we have been testing for a long time. Now we are ready to launch the Fin2Fin service for the Russian Federation from tomorrow. So this is already my third attempt. It is a P2P platform. One has the money, and the other one needs it. A borrower and an investor. An international platform, 41% per annum. You can form an application. The borrower and the investor find each other on the website. It’s like a taxi app, where the system automatically picks a doer for you. It is very convenient and understandable. I remember the taxi app had crashed in Yekaterinburg, and everyone was confused remembering how they had been doing everything before. It once again shows how quickly changes enter our lives. With this project, I think it will be the same. The challenge was to ensure that an investor gets the money back. Here, an investor lends money. The task of the borrower is to return the money at a rate of 41%. That’s it, the business is clear. What do we offer people who want to invest? An investor is taking risks, right? And there will also be borrowers who will not return the money. A venture fund exists as capital and generates income, which is issued to a borrower. If we pay with capital, there will be a risk of no return, and if with income, then there will also be capital that replenishes the capital. Can we announce the date of the first issuance? We have a presentation model. Any investor can lend money to a borrower. We will invest not the venture money but income from it. As we are launching our own cards, the holders will obtain special conditions. This service has a lot of advantages that increase the turnover. As soon as you announce that the loan is available to everyone, the traffic will increase. Zygmunt, come on.

Zygmunt: Now there will be instructions. Anton will talk about it. The first 1,000 people will be able to borrow money tomorrow. We already have almost 500 applications. The system will randomly provide the first loans tomorrow.

Anton: I would like to discuss some aspects in more detail in order to simplify your life in the future. There is such a thing as login – it is a nickname you come up with for yourself. Next, a phone number, email, and password. Make sure to save it somewhere. When you get to the platform, you will have to confirm your email. Next, move on to the verification process. It takes place within the platform. Here you have to agree. There are two stages: a document and a photo are being checked. Here you can choose either an internal passport or an international passport. You can record a video here. Next, you will have to check everything. The next step is to verify your face, also with a video. The verification process takes up to 2 minutes. In order to get a loan, you need to click on the get button. Select a goal and an amount. Initially, you can get from 500 to 1,000 CFR. You have a fixed sponsorship term and a payment schedule. If you do not have delays, you will be able to receive 50% of the loan amount in the form of a cashback on the 13th month. This is the first loan that will enrich you. Then you should submit your application. After that, an investor will see your request. They can confirm it. Now we are waiting for your approval. Nothing will happen by accident here. It is possible to withdraw funds. You can’t withdraw them directly to the Finiko platform. You can do it only with a separate wallet. Here is the replenishment process so that you understand how to top it up. Make sure to take all the numbers into account. That’s all I wanted to say.

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