18 June 2021
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A large-scale competition by the cashback service CBS ONE. More about participation
A large-scale competition by the cashback service CBS ONE. More about participation
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Nikita: The piggy bank is full, and it’s time to empty it. The CBS ONE cashback service raffles off prizes. First place – Mercedes, second – Hyundai, third – Volkswagen. From 4th to 8th place – a trip to Dubai for one person. From 9th to 20th place – iPhone 11. From 20th to 50th – AirPods Pro. What are the conditions? Everything is simple. Shoot a creative video showing how you are using CBS ONE in it. Post your projects on YouTube and Instagram with the following hashtags from the 1st to the 31st of March. The best will win prizes. You can find more information in the description. Good luck to everyone.

Well. Hello, friends. Hello to everyone who has already tuned in. How do you like the video? Write in the comments – we are interested. My name is Nikita. If you see me for the first time, then it’s nice to meet you. Probably, many of you are subscribed to our YouTube channel. So, we have already met with someone in one of the latest videos. Why am I on the air now after the presentation of the spring giveaway? I’m here to talk about it in more detail and to make a small announcement. Indeed, we are launching a video competition starting from today. This is a creative ideas competition, and we hope that there will be a lot of them. We invite you to post your videos on two platforms – YouTube and Instagram from the 1st to the 31st of March. Submit your CBS ONE projects, as we have said in the video. Come up with an idea, shoot, and share it. It will be seen not only by us but also by all people across the globe. How is it possible? You will have to put hashtags under the video. Better if there will be two of them: #mycbsone and #mycashback. We will post it on all websites. So don’t be afraid to make a mistake – you can just copy and paste. This will allow us to find all the videos in this period. Next, we will select the best 50 videos. This is a lot. Why 50? Because we have 50 prizes. Now I will repeat what the prizes are. 1st place – Mercedes GLA 200. Not bad, right? The second place is the Hyundai Creta, and the third place is the Volkswagen Polo. Well, if you are still in doubt, then I do not know what to say. I mean, I have something else to tell you. I will say that we are giving away tickets to Dubai for those who will be in 4th to 8th places. It’s not bad too. But we don’t stop there either, because the winners from 9th to 20th places will receive iPhone 11, and from 20th to 50th – AirPods Pro headphones. Here are these 50 gifts that will go to you – to those who will be creative. What kind of video should you shoot? I will repeat once again that it should be about CBS ONE. Your creative imagination is welcomed. The timing can be whatever you want. The most important thing is that you like it. Don’t forget about the hashtags. It is important to say that the number of videos is not limited – make as much as you want. The main thing is that they are interesting and of high quality. Therefore, it is possible to shoot several videos, but it is better to make them creative. Another important question: is it possible to take a prize in cash? No, we are giving away the prizes that we were talking about in the video. We will sum up the results of our competition after April 4, 2021. So, let me remind you once again that you should come up with an idea, shoot, and share it on social media from the 1st to the 31st of March. Is the number of likes or views important? It is definitely important to us, but it is not the main criterion. But something tells me that if the video is really cool, then it will have more views. Of course, you can ask your friends to watch the video. Let your work be seen by as many people as possible, but creativity and your crazy ideas are more important to us. By the way, speaking of your loved ones, relatives, your teams. Who can participate? Of course, many people think that only those who use the CBS ONE cashback service can participate. No, friends, absolutely anyone can take part in the competition. We do not limit you in anything. Choose the timing yourself, come up with ideas yourself, choose the platform yourself. The number is also not limited. Then, we will just watch and select. You can film several videos – everyone will be happy.

We have covered the main aspects. I believe you still have more to ask. We will be happy to receive and answer your further questions. You can send all your inquiries to our email. Don’t worry if you don’t remember it – we will write everything down in the description box. In general, all the information can

be found on our websites and social media. We will describe what I have said in detail. Spring has come, and we congratulate you on it in such an unusual way. We hope that some of you will win such cool prizes this spring. Who will it be? Well, we’ll find out in April. We are waiting for your creative ideas. I believe that you will succeed. Therefore, friends, I wish you all the best. We will see you on different platforms and watch your works.

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