9 March 2021
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A gift from Finiko to a partner
A gift from Finiko to a partner
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Hello, everyone. My name is Anastasia and we have arrived in the wonderful city of Perm to meet Marina, one of the top leaders in this city. She will shortly tell us about her interesting experience with the Finiko company.

Say cheese! Marina, hello. You look glowing. You have lightened up everyone, this whole room. I congratulate you on your car purchase. It suits you very well. Well, let’s get to know each other, I guess. We have arrived in Perm to meet Marina. She has bought a car under the program.

– My name is Marina. I’m an entrepreneur. I have been working in network marketing since 2010. I have bought this car not under the program, I have achieved the 9th star. The company gave me $13,000. I added money and bought a car.

-Tell us how it happens. How did it happen? It should be very interesting for those who are watching us.

-I’ve been driving since 2003. I had a Nissan Juke and I would never have sold it. But I could not miss the chance to use the program. The marketing is great here. The company always gives gifts. I am an active person. I have achieved the 9th star, opened the office. It has been operating since February 2020.

-How much did the car cost? Tell us in detail how you got it.

-The pandemic conditions have slightly shifted the timeframe. I wanted a special car. I was at the Toyota dealership long ago and the body of the car was not very good. I have a little daughter and I thought that would be enough for us. I added my money and bought the car.

-How much did the car cost?
-How to reach the 9th star? In a nutshell.

-Do business consistently. The first line, work with them directly. Focus on key people. I do not stop. I let people grow. Therefore, there is a lot of work. The cards will be launched soon. Here you just need to own information.

-You are a true leader. Great, the car suits you. Let’s move on to the office. How did you realize that you wanted an office?

-I understood that long ago. I got in touch with Zygmuntovich. I have been with the company since June 2019. I had doubts, we all are humans. I was looking for a person with whom I would work. And now, we do everything together.

-What should one pay attention to?

-You need people. If you decide to establish an office without people, you will have to work really hard. When your partners use the products, others will repeat.

-How many contracts are there per day?

-Usually, those are car contracts. There is something every day. It’s nice to open your personal account and see one percent.

-What would you advise people who are still thinking about joining Finiko?

-In the Finiko company, individuality is off the scale. Kirill is a powerful manager. His manner and charisma. You can contact him and find the answer. And the incentives that inspire people. Unfortunately, but it is a fact, there are few companies in Russia that can afford it. I haven’t seen anyone who would be working for a year and get something to live on. Finiko has entered families and made them happy.

-On that note, let’s finish. If you also want to smile like Marina, contact her.

-If you are interested in our programs, then contact the person who has shared this video with you and ask questions. Don’t forget to like and turn on the bell. Goodbye, everyone.

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