26 January 2021
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A gift for a partner from Finiko
A gift for a partner from Finiko
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Here is the key to your car. Keep the second key somewhere for yourself. Let it be at your home.

A: Today is a very cool and festive day. Firstly, today is the significant date – the 160th anniversary of Vladivostok. Great weather, great sunny day. And on this wonderful day, it happened so that I am receiving a Mercedes, a coupe, a GLC-class car from the Finiko company. A wonderful and comfortable car, for our roads and city life.

I am glad to welcome all my partners, thanks to whom I have earned such a car in the Finiko company. I want to say that I was moving gradually towards this. By increasing my deposit portfolios, working in various investment companies. I have experience working with foreign investment firms. But when in 2017, I heard that the president of our company, Kirill Doronin, began to launch an investment project based on our platform. I joined right then because I was interested in those interesting ideas and developments that were at the heart of our company. In Soviet times, I used to do science, the development of underwater vehicles for the military. And for me, the developments we were working on were always interesting. At that time, I was involved in studying patent search in different countries.

And we created a model of underwater vehicles that worked at depths of more than 6 kilometers. And there was no analog in the world at that time. Professors from Moscow then told us that we would not be able to cope with such a project. But, since I watched the “Taming of the Fire” movie, where our constructors have created a rocket from scratch. Our designers built a unique rocket. That served as an example for us, and we introduced similar underwater vehicles, at depths of up to 6 kilometers. And thanks to the fact that science was developing very powerfully. The time of Perestroika came, the situation changed, I had to do business against my will. I made a lot of money, I lost a lot. And finally, after 1998, I entered the world of investment. My friends opened a Forex Club in Vladivostok.

I graduated from Forex school. Studied working with currency pairs, got an education in the field of the stock market. And since then, the classic business has lost any relevance for me. And when the question of investing in Finiko arose, I was among the first to get involved in this project. Because, knowing Kirill Doronin, the founder of our company, since 2013, I am ready to go anywhere with him. Now, Kirill Doronin has unique ideas inherent in our project. Which allow us to develop our advanced digital technologies. Those are our Blockchain platform, the P2P exchanger, our exchange, and our digital bank. All of that will be launched in stages by the fall of this year. We are developing very powerfully on an international scale. There are more than 10 foreign countries on my team alone. And I am grateful to those partners who followed me and develop together with me. Because unique destinations are awaiting us. Together with Kirill Doronin and traders who work in our company, and IT specialists, and programmers, we will reach amazing heights in this direction. We are number one. We have 3 companies: cryptocurrency in the Baltics, the head office in Kazan, and CBS One company with a unique MasterCard, with a 25% cashback on any purchases in Singapore. And with a deposit income of 6% per month in foreign currency. We are the number one company! I would like to thank the company, traders, programmers, IT specialists, and you, dear partners. I congratulate you on this wonderful event! Hurrah!

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