18 June 2021
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Buying an apartment in Naberezhnye Chelny
Buying an apartment in Naberezhnye Chelny
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Yuri: Hello, everyone. We are in Naberezhnye Chelny. We are currently in the apartments of Gulnaz, but she will tell about everything in more detail herself. So you can say hello and tell more about yourself.

Gulnaz: Good evening. My name is Gulnaz. “Apartments” is a strong word, of course. But we are very happy about it because now we have an opportunity not to pay for the mortgage thanks to Finiko.

Yuri: Tell us, please, what do you do and how long have you been with the company?

Gulnaz: Well, I have my own beauty studio. I do eyelash extension there. There are also other beauty masters. In general, I am a private entrepreneur.

Yuri: So, a private entrepreneur. Good. What prompted you to make such a decision and become a partner?

Gulnaz: Well, in general, I was listening for a long time, looking closely, checking the information. Then, in January of this year, they told me about Finiko. I had heard about Kirill Doronin at the entrepreneurship factory before that. I had heard that he was engaged in such a project. And then, at some point, I realized that I wanted to do something interesting in my life. I didn’t want to pay a mortgage for 20 years, I wanted to drive a good car.

Yuri: Do you remember the day when you realized it?

Gulnaz: To be honest, I was thinking about it a lot in the process of working. But when I made up my mind, I could not sleep for several days. Castles in the air were built in my head. Everything seemed to be unrealistic. But I was excited about the fact that it all could be possible. And now, when I tell people that Finiko has helped me to acquire this everything, sometimes even I do not believe it.

Yuri: In your apartment. Naberezhnye Chelny. Which area is this? Is it in the center?

Gulnaz: Yes, this is the center. We have always lived here before, but we kind of sold that apartment, it was on a mortgage. And so, due to the fact that we started working with cryptocurrency in Finiko, we have a new apartment, a car, and another car, which Finiko pays off for us. Under the program “Pay off a loan”.

Yuri: Okay, let’s discuss it in more detail. What is the cost of the apartment? Gulnaz: $24,000.
Yuri: In the city center?
Gulnaz: Yes.

Yuri: The 6th floor.
Gulnaz: Yes.
Yuri: Alright, the information has been received. How much have you contributed? Gulnaz: $7,600
Yuri: When was it?
Gulnaz: In June.

Yuri: And when did you buy an apartment?
Gulnaz: On October 3. We received the money, exchanged it for rubles, and bought an apartment.

Yuri: Now there is a renovation process, you have already seen the footage. Do you already know what you would like to have inside your apartment and where?

Gulnaz: Well, in general, yes. There have been a lot of debates already. We are discussing a lot, watching, considering.

Yuri: Let’s talk more about the car that you have purchased under the AT35 program.

Gulnaz: It is an Infiniti car. In May, we planned and deposited the amount. In August, we received the car.

Yuri: Why Infiniti?
Gulnaz: Because my husband loves it.

Yuri: When I asked this question, I also asked myself: “What do you mean, why? It is a cool car”. Your husband wanted it, right?

Gulnaz: Yes.

Yuri: And is the second car – the one you wanted?

Gulnaz: A little bit different. But it turns out that now we are dreaming even bigger thanks to Finiko. So, at that time, Mercedes was a cool car for us. But now, I want another one. Infiniti is worth $13,000, and Mercedes-Benz is also almost $13,000.

Yuri: Well, did you buy Mercedes-Benz under a different program?

Gulnaz: Yes. It turns out that first, we have bought that car on credit, and contributed 35% to the ZK35 program. And now, we have been paying off the loan for 3 months. There are still 7 months left.

Yuri: And then, without any debts, you will buy a new car that you want. What car would you like to have?

Gulnaz: BMW X6.
Yuri: You already know the exact model. What color?
Gulnaz: White.
Yuri: I thought that girls like something rosy. What’s next?
Gulnaz: Scaling the business.
Yuri: Do you mean the sphere in which you have worked? The beauty industry? Gulnaz: Yes.
Yuri: What do you want?

Gulnaz: I want a cool beauty salon, the best in the city, maybe the best in Russia. I mean, I want it to have prestige, status, and quality services.

Yuri: What about the company? What is your status now?

Gulnaz: The 7th star. I was planning to get the 10th star until the new year, but I did not manage to do it a little bit. The strategy is up to 10 stars, and then, we’ll see.

Yuri: Do you have any tactics of your own that you use? I see that you take it by beauty. There is no other way, so to speak, this is my job. How did you achieve such results?

Gulnaz: In general, as Kirill Doronin says, you do not have to invite anyone. When beautiful girls come to me for eyelash extensions, I always talk only about my achievements, and those who are interested join me.

Yuri: Now, as a person who wants to convey something good, you can say a few words to the people who are planning to change their lives for the better.

Gulnaz: First of all, in any case, I am grateful to everyone for their support. I am grateful to those who love me, know me, those who supported me when I wanted to change something in my life. I would like to thank those who did not want to join me and who did not believe even more. Because it gave me motivation. I wish everyone to experience what happens to me in life. I wish everyone goodness, happiness, and movement upwards with Finiko.

Yuri: “Cheers!” I wanted to say that. It sounded like a toast. And I would like to thank you for watching this video. Do not forget to give this video a thumbs up. And leave your comments, we read them all. See you. Bye, everyone!

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